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What are the Key Sustainable Development Goals in Wagga Wagga, NSW?

The state government of New South Wales has been working towards sustainability living. They have introduced Sustainability development goals to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions, conserve non-renewable energies and protect the entire ecosystem using environmentally-friendly practices.

Under the NSW’s Sustainability Development Goals project, Wagga Wagga is getting an opportunity to witness development and eco-friendly revolution. The city is known an agricultural hub and locals are always ready to accept new changes for the betterment of their lives. With the combination of community engagement, government initiative and eco-conscious strategies, the city is going to transform and become environmentally-friendly.

Here are some of the key sustainable development practices taking place in Wagga Wagga, NSW:

1. Smart Use of Renewable Resources

The City Council of Wagga Wagga is focused on leveraging the benefits of renewable energy sources over non-renewable ones. They are committed to install solar panel systems on the rooftop of public buildings like the Civic Centre. This will produce electricity through sunlight, and reduce the dependency on non-renewable resources like fossil fuels.

The initiative is beyond public buildings. According to the latest research, the programs will provide subsidy or some sort of benefits to encourage residents install solar panels on their houses. This will further reduce carbon footprint from the environment.

2. Green Infrastructure Development

Generating clean electricity is just the beginning. The Wagga Wagga is expected to witness green infrastructure development projects in the next few years. This includes the introduction of cycling and walking paths across the city to promote eco-friendly transportation modes. This will reduce the air and noise pollution as well.

Plus, you will witness the initiatives, such as planting trees across the region to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while beautifying the city. This will drastically improve air quality.

3. Water Conservation Projects

Wagga Wagga is one of the most developed cities in the NSW. The local council acknowledge the scarcity of water resources and thus focus on protecting the city from the drought-like situations. The council has introducing water-conservation projects in public places, such as using drought-resistant plants and adding rainwater tanks across the nation.

They are also encouraging local residents to adopt water-saving practices on a daily basis.

4. Regenerative Practices in the Agriculture Sector

There is no denying that Wagga Wagga is known for its agriculture sector. It is one of the major drivers of city’s economy. Thus, the city council and the state government has been encouraging farmers to adopt regenerative practices for sustainability. The techniques basically focus on boosting soil health using practices such as compost application and cover cropping. This will also help produce quality crops without wasting non-renewable resources. Small practices can make a huge difference and can help reduce climate change conditions.

5. Reducing Landfill Waste is a Mission

Wagga Wagga is one of those cities that have accepted the initiative to reduce the landfill waste and protect the ecosystem. The community composting programs encourage locals to reduce plastic waste, dispose of chemicals properly, use green house cleaning products, reusable shopping bags and recycle waste as much as possible. The whole objective is to promote waste management across the city.

You can discover more about Wagga Wagga because it is the best city to live, work, and travel across NSW.

Wrapping Up

The vision to become a sustainable city has many roadblocks but Wagga Wagga is committed to face all challenges and create a greener, eco-friendly and better city in NSW. As the city is on the development phase, you will witness more sustainable projects that will shape the future of Wagga Wagga economy.

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