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Welcome to Wagga Wagga

If you love travelling and enjoy discovering new places, new culture, and street food, then you will definitely love Wagga Wagga. It is the largest inland city in Riverina, NSW which promises to offer you some of the best tourist destinations, heritage sites, shopping experience, career opportunity and affordable house.

The city has everything that one could expect in any cosmopolitan city of Australia. Wagga Wagga is home to many national and international brands, corporation houses, industries, banks and other financial institutes. There are enthralling landscapes, natural beauty and unusual architecture, historical places, sassy shops and praise-worthy art scenes. Being the capital city of Riverina region, it boasts of rip-roaring and high-class lifestyle for both the residents and visitors. You can leverage the local amenities of Wagga Wagga, enjoy quality time in stunning botanic gardens and spend relaxed time in its award-winning library – it has everything for everyone. It is a place that will seize your vision and induce you to stay here for the rest of your life.


The city is popularly known for its modern-age shopping centres, cosmopolitan and welcoming environment. There are stylish and beautiful residential establishments, lavish salons, boutiques, and various entertainment hubs that reflect the high standard of living and modern lifestyle.

Career Opportunities

Wagga Wagga offers sterling career options in diverse areas including health, defence, engineering, manufacturing, retailing, medical, education, sports, computer and IT. The city has a diversified economy that opens great employment opportunities for professional and aspiring individuals and entrepreneurs.


High living standard and housing go hand-in-hand in this developed city of Riverina. From riverfront houses to vintage cottages, land and estate options to luxury apartments, there are excellent housing options in the heart of Wagga Wagga.

Fast Facts about Wagga Wagga

Our Discovery
Charles Sturt was the first to discover the Wagga Wagga Region
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Years of Military History
Both men and women enlisted to be part of military campaigns in 1885.
Local Businesses
Wagga Wagga offers lucrative business opportunities in diverse sectors
Population Prediction
The city’s population is expected to grow to 80,984 by 2036

Key Amenities in the Town

Schools and education institutes
Retail Services
Key Shopping centres
Health services
Leisure & Dining
Fine dining options
Profitable business options
For entrepreneurs
Tertiary Education
Home to renowned universities
Employment Prospects
In diverse sectors
Affordable housing
Ideal for investment

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